Patrice Wood Reflexology


Patrice Wood is a committed wellness advocate and believer in the mind/body/spirit connection. She has been a practitioner at Hope Floats for many years. Patrice is certified in Reflexology and doTerra’s AromaTouch® Technique and has completed doTerra’s curriculum for Symphony of the Cells. She is a Level II Reiki and is currently a student of Healing Touch Program™. She continues to expand her education so she can help her clients balance & heal their lives. Patrice loves volunteering her time and energy to her two favorite causes: Hope Floats and Cranberry Hospice.

Patrice Wood has uniquely combined the healing treatments of AromaTouch® and “Symphony of the Cells” essential oil techniques with Reflexology. Patrice believes these different modalities enhance each other, resulting in deeply relaxing and healing experiences that repair the body on multiple levels.


Reflexology is a holistic therapy using thumbs and fingers to stimulate reflexes on the feet or hands. It addresses all the body’s systems, glands and organs, opens neural pathways, and releases energy blockages, thereby eliminating physical and emotional toxins and balancing the body. It is relaxing and therapeutic. 60 minutes.


AromaTouch® Technique is the application of essential oils along the spine and energy meridians on the back to achieve overall wellness. Eight essential oils are applied in sets of two and in specific order: The first 2 oils are applied for relaxation; the second set is used for immune support; the third set combats chronic inflammation; the last set is a catalyst to drive all the oils in deeper, bringing balance to the body. Followed by Reflexology performed on the feet. 75 minutes


“Symphony of the Cells” was created by doTerra’s Boyd Truman to establish balance and harmony within the body and has been approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. It is a system of applying various combinations of ten essential oils along the spine to be absorbed into the cerebrospinal fluid. There are specific protocols to address inflammation, hormonal balance, or issues in the digestive, respiratory, or neurological systems. Followed by Reflexology performed on the feet. 75 minutes