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Join us for the 7th Annual Hope Floats Memory Walk

A Walk in Memory of Our Loved Ones <3

“Providing hope to grieving adults, children, teens and their families”

Saturday, April 25, 2020  -   Register Here: HopeFloatsMemoryWalk2020

Check-in begins at 8:30am - Walk begins at 10am - Fee: $25 for adults - $15 for children 12-18                        

"Providing hope to grieving adults, children, teens and their families"



Table Tipping

Karla Brown & Trish Spooner. Friday, January 31, 7-9. Investment: $45 *FULL* next date 2/21

Table Tipping is a form of physical mediumship; a way for everyone to experience a direct connection and communication with those in the world of spirit- loved ones who have passed (both people and pets), spirit guides, even guardian angels. Spirit causes the Table to move up and down, or tip, and will spell out answers to questions and messages for those sitting around it. An amazing and unforgettable experience!


Awesome Craft Night

Christine McMahon, Saturday, February 1, 2-4:30. Investment: $60 ~REGISTER HERE

Join Christine McMahon of Awesome Craft Night for this fun workshop! Participants will craft a hand made, painted wood round personalized with a name or other design. Makes a great gift! All materials are provided.



Restorative Yoga

Claire Manganello. Sunday, February 2, 1-3pm. Investment: $25  ~REGISTER HERE

Embrace this opportunity to learn ways to quiet the nervous system, quiet the mind, connect with nature and to find harmony and balance in your life. Restorative yoga is a nurturing practice that promotes deep relaxation and renewal within the body. Props such as bolsters, pillows and folded blankets support and stabilize the body in restorative yoga postures that are usually held for 3-10 minutes! The postures are designed to release deeply held tensions, sooth the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and refill our spiritual wells. Warm-up exercises, postures, meditation, and yogic breathing release stress and promote healing during this gentle practice. After a restorative yoga session, most people feel rested, renewed, more deeply connected to their authentic self, and more open to healing, growth and balance in their lives. Please consider nurturing your soul with one of these gentle but powerful classes.



Oil Painting with a Twist for the Beginner to the Intermediate

Laura Tryon Jennings. Tuesdays, 9-12, February 4-March 10.  Investment: $198 (plus $28 supply fee due at class) ~REGISTER HERE

Tap into an extraordinary resource: the vibrant, vital force of your own creative character in a nurturing, encouraging, and safe environment and discover your distinctive path to oil painting. You only need bring the willingness to give up any attachment to feeling you have no talent or creativity. The focus of this workshop is to enjoy the creative experience and self nurturing qualities oil painting can provide to your soul. It offers a unique blend of learning the basics of oil painting materials, foundations of color theory, color mixing, composition and working with the flow of the creative process to awaken creative spirit, remember playfulness, and open a fuller expression of authentic self by nurturing your essence.


What can I do? Supporting a bereaved family member or friend

Kathy Armany & Maryellen Hunter. Thursday, February 6, 6:15-7:30 ~REGISTER HERE

What can I do? Anyone who has had a family member or friend experience a significant loss has asked this question. This support group will help offer guidance around what you can do or say to help them as well as offer a space for you to share your own feelings.



Laughter Yoga

Jean Di Giacomandrea, Sunday, February 9, 1-2:15. Investment: $10 ~REGISTER HERE

Join Jean, certified Laughologist and Laughter Yoga Instructor, for this fun-filled workshop! Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea- simple, yet profound. It is a combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises. Laughter is intitiated in a group with eye contact and childlike playfulness. It quickly turns into real and contagious laughter. Laughter Yoga helps change your mood within minutes and one can feel the benefits with the very first session!


Reiki Share

Bob & Karla Brown, Diane Fortner & Tricia Spooner. Saturday, February 15, 10-12. Donations appreciated.

You are invited to join Tricia, Bob and Diane on Saturday to experience the relaxing, self-healing power of Reiki. We offer 15 minute session available between 10am and 12pm. Come and participate in receiving Reiki and/or giving Reiki. No experience required and Reiki practitioners are welcome


Guided Harp Meditation

Karla Brown & Teresa Lally. Sunday, February 16, 3-4 pm. Investment: $20 ~REGISTER HERE

Decompress from the busy-ness of the holidays and ease into the work week with an hour of blissful relaxation! Karla will take you on a guided journey while being surrounded with the soothing, angelic sounds of Teresa's harp music. No meditation experience necessary.



Table Tipping

Karla Brown & Trish Spooner. Friday, February 21, 7-9. Investment: $45 ~REGISTER HERE

Table Tipping is a form of physical mediumship; a way for everyone to experience a direct connection and communication with those in the world of spirit- loved ones who have passed (both people and pets), spirit guides, even guardian angels. Spirit causes the Table to move up and down, or tip, and will spell out answers to questions and messages for those sitting around it. An amazing and unforgettable experience!


Yoga for Grief

Susan Connolly. Saturday, February 22, 10-11:30. Investment: $20 ~REGISTER HERE

Through movement, conscious breathing and openness to feelings this class will bring body, mind and heart together and support our ability to integrate our loss.There will be an altar to display photos or items of our loved ones. 



Yoga & Your Fascia

Laura Walsh. Sunday, February 23, 2-3:15. Investment: $20 ~REGISTER HERE

Join Laura as she guides you with her knowledge and passion to release the connective “tissue-goo” that surrounds and connects every single cell in our body. During this class, Laura will identify where your fascia has become hard and stressed and shows up as pain and tension. Using therapy balls and yoga postures, each student will begin to release the tension and return the fascia to soft and fluid. Bring harmony and balance back…let stress and tension go. Please note: This class sells out so after registering,  if you cannot attend, please call the office so we can open your space to someone on the waitlist.


Love is Forever: Spirit Messages with Lori Sheridan

Friday, February 28, 7-9. Investment: $50 ~REGISTER HERE

Join medium Lori Sheridan for an evening of heartfelt messages from your loved ones in a small-group setting (maximum 20). During this intimate evening, Lori will deliver evidential messages of love, hope, and healing from friends and family on the other side. Many guests will be touched by spirit with a message from beyond, demonstrating that love and life are eternal.


41 Signs of Hope: An Enlightening Presentation of Love and Laughter

Dave Kane, Sunday, March 22, 2-3:30. Suggested Donation: $20 ~REGISTER HERE

An enlightening presentation of Love and Laughter! Dave Kane, father of Nicholas O’Neill the youngest victim of the fourth largest Nightclub fire in US History, shares fascinating stories and intriguing evidence that life never ends. After receiving a barrage of signs, including vocal messages from Nicky, Dave is convinced that he has not “lost” his son. Instead he has been given the priceless gift of a loving eternal connection with his boy. After experiencing Dave’s uplifting presentation and seeing his evidence, you too will be assured that your loved ones who have passed are still with you.


Coping with Grief

Gary Sturgis, Sunday, April 5, 2-3:30. There is no charge for this workshop. (Donations appreciated). ~REGISTER HERE

Join group facilitator Gary Sturgis for this special workshop offering. Gary will talk about grief, it's challenges and opportunity for growth, grief responses and suggested coping defenses: Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Social, Spiritual, etc. He also incorporates and shares his own experiences with grief and loss while infusing a bit of humor to heal the broken heart. Gary offers a way to find a deeper gratitude from the ashes of your loss not just on the good days but on the hard days when you really need it. Register online or with Denise at (781) 585-4221.



Holistic Cancer Retreat

Saturday, May 2, 9-4:30

If you have recently been impacted by a cancer diagnosis, please join us at Hope Floats for a day of rest and renewal created especially for you.
Enjoy a gentle yoga class, group support, a nourishing noon meal as well as varied holistic treatments.  Our gifted practitioners, facilitators and volunteers will offer you a nurturing space to find an oasis of comfort and ease as you navigate this challenging time. (As we want to make sure you are able to fully participate and enjoy this day of support, if you are currently undergoing treatment, please obtain a signed letter of permission from your doctor). Please call Denise at 781-585-4221 ext 3.




Hope Floats 7th Annual Memory Walk will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2020. (Rain date April 26)

A walk to remember our loved ones. More info to come.

Dates to be announced:

"I'm Right Here!" How our loved ones in spirit communicate through signs

Teresa Lally & Maryellen Hunter. Fridays, 6-7:30

In this series, we will introduce/expound upon the idea that our loved ones in spirit are always around us, aware of everything going on in our lives and wanting to comfort and communicate with us by sending signs on a regular basis. We will explore and discuss what these many signs may be and how we can become more open and attuned to receiving them. There is no charge for this group but pre-registration is required. (781) 585-4221 ext 2.

Yoga for Grief: Mourning the Death of a Child

Susan Connolly. Saturday, 10-5. Investment: $95

Join Susan Connolly, bereaved mom, yoga instructor and compassionate bereavement care provider spending the day honoring your experience in grief, love and loss. In this one day workshop we will engage in movement, meditation, discussion, creative expression and learning how to make space in becoming better able to bear what life, as well as grief asks of us. Space is limited so sign up early to reserve your spot.

For more information contact us at 781-585-4221 or visit

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