Mission Statement

We are a bereavement and educational center for individuals and families who are grieving or facing other life challenges. Our mission is to help people cope with loss, support their healing, and nurture their physical and emotional well-being.


At Hope Floats our bereavement services are for adults, children and their families. Our approach is to support people in a safe environment, where they are able to share and process their grief with others facing similar losses. Our facilitators are trained volunteers who have often experienced a loss similar to group members and are generally accompanied by a clinician.

We also provide occasional day-long support retreats, which allow people who have similar loss experiences to gather together. Small and intimate, these retreats include yoga and meditation, group discussion and mini-body treatments. We offer retreats to mothers who have lost children, individuals struggling with loss of a loved one to suicide, and those who have lost a partner or spouse. We also provide occasional retreats for individuals dealing with cancer.

Out team also includes a variety of counselors who are available to support individuals dealing with grief, general counseling, and nutrition support.

Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center, Inc., is organized as a non-profit public charity established in 2008 with 501(c)(3)  Public Charity.