Elizabeth McKenna

Managing Director

Email: Elizabeth7@hopefloatswellness.org
Work: 781-585-4221 ext. 7

Liz is the Managing Director and Board Member at Hope Floats. She found herself seeking support at Hope Floats after experiencing a significant loss of her own. After years of volunteering as a co-facilitator for the Pregnancy, Infant, Toddler Loss Support Group, she was very eager and excited to accept her position as Managing Director.

Volunteer work is Liz’s passion. She has experience with kinship foster care, adoption, and supporting friends and family through loss, mental illness, and addiction. Liz understands that life isn’t always straight and narrow, and people need to be met where they are on their journey through healing.

Liz graduated for UMass Amherst with a double major in sociology and psychology with a minor in education. She worked in the medical insurance field for 16 years before joining the Hope Floats team. She currently volunteers as a co-facilitator for the Mike’s Club teen group at Hope Floats.