Claire Manganello

Kripalu Yoga Teacher

Kripalu Yoga with Claire Manganello

Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare for yoga postures. The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation. This class will be a gentle yoga class.

Claire also teaches periodic Restorative Yoga Classes. Restorative Yoga is a very gentle practice — perfect for deep relaxation, healing and stress relief. Pillows and folded blankets are employed to support your body so that you can hold the restorative yoga postures for along time — typically 5-10 minutes. You get the benefits of an intense yoga practice without having to use much effort! The class also includes warm-up postures, meditation, and yogic breathing. After a restorative yoga session, most people feel rested, content, and more connected to themselves.­ Please consider treating yourself to one of these gentle but powerful classes.