The Hope Floats Mission

Hope Floats is a bereavement and educational center for adults, children, teens, and their families who are grieving, dealing with illness, or facing other life challenges. Our free support services bring hope and healing to those in need.

“Providing hope to grieving adults, children, teens and their families”


Support Groups

Our free, peer-led support groups help participants cope with their loss in healthy ways as they process their grief with others who walk a similar road.

Hope Floats provides a variety of groups—several for adults who have had a child loss, suicide, overdose, partner-spouse loss, and sibling and parent loss. Mike's Club is our support group for children, teens, and their families who are dealing with the death of a parent/caregiver or a sibling.

We offer separate groups for children, teens,  and parenting adults coping with death-related loss of a parent, caregiver, or sibling. The children process their grief through creative activities, arts and crafts, and games, with the help of our trained support staff. Parents and caregivers meet  to discuss common issues, concerns, and ways to help their children cope. Mike's Club is a free program for children 5-18 years old and led by Hope Floats staff, clinicians and trained volunteer facilitators.

School Support 

Grief Trainings 

Hope Floats Education, Awareness, and Response Team  provides support and awareness about grief to schools.

We are certifed to offer professional development trainings for Educators (10 PDPs) and Social Workers and Licensed Mental Health Clinicians (6 CEs)

Support retreats

Our day-long support retreats bring together people facing similar losses or illnesses in a nurturing, holistic environment.

Grief Resources

Hope Floats belongs to a community of helpers, centers, and therapists offering bereavement support. Here are some trusted colleagues, practitioners, and other sources offering hope.

Workshops and classes

We welcome the public to join our workshops on grief and healing. We also offer a variety of yoga classes that are open to the public.

Grant & Major Donors

Hope Floats is an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity. All of our funding comes from grants, fundraisers, and private donations. See a list of our support groups, retreats, and guest speaker events.

We are grateful for the support from the following organizations:

Memorial Donations

Private donations have been made in memory of the following people who are loved and missed every day.

Donations Made In Loving Memory Of...

  • Michael T. Brack
  • Joan Brack
  • Christopher Ladd
  • Alvaro Sousa
  • John C. Corr
  • Caden and Colby Hourahan
  • Ben Daniels
  • Brian T. Dagle
  • Dorothy Marie Creutz
  • Gerry DeBiasi
  • Emmanuel Riego Dedio
  • Dr. William Derrickson       Tommy DilleAndy DiPasqua
  • Michael J. Golden
  • Chris Dodge
  • Peggy & Carl Erikksson
  • Heidi E. Ferguson
  • Mic Flick
  • James L. Finch
  • David Forgit
  • Ginny Karbott
  • Robert  Keane
  • Michael Kearns
  • Matthew Kenney
  • Brendan Kane Keohan II
  • Joyce A. Kimbal
  • Margaret Laciak
  • Christopher Ladd
  • Matt LaGreca
  • Michael Lally
  • Dot Lamb
  • Mary B. Lavelle
  • Jerry & Glenn Lehman
  • Ethan Connolly
  • Katie Quellett
  • Carole Regan
  • Melanie Powell
  • Rebecca Pintabone
  • Jimmy Tribble
  • Jared Quirk
  • Rosalyn and Jackson
  • Katelyn E. Ribbee
  • Helen Rivlin
  • Acacia Rizzo
  • Jonathan Rizzo
  • Lisa Rizzo
  • Brianna Rooney
  • Joyanne Robinson
  • Paul Rudeen Jr.
  • Emma Ryan
  • Molly Ryan
  • Jennifer St. Croix
  • Bob Shaffer
  • Marjorie Chagon Shea
  • Jonathan Sheedy
  • Milton Steinberg
  • Norman C. Shepherd
  • Mary Silvia
  • Scott D. Simard
  • Robert Smith
  • Suzanne Smith
  • Ainsley Grace
  • Garrett Sullivan
  • Kate McCarthy
  • Jinny McCullough
  • Dennis J. McElhinney Jr.
  • Rev. Cathbert H. Mandell
  • Eric McDonld
  • Michael Andrew Moraes
  • Mary V. Morrissey
  • Andrew Miller
  • Ralph and Eileen Mille
  • Arthur "Skip" Mitton
  • Brian Moriarty
  • David Murphy
  • David Jude Murph
  • Steven Nav
  • Jesse Napolitano
  • Jamie K. Neal
  • James & Helen Neylon
  • Alexandria Norman
  • Chelsea Nickerson, Brother Bill, Meme & PepeTina Nickerson
  • David Tully O'Callaghan
    Leonard O'Hara and Colleen O'Hara Collins
  • Caroline Bevilacqua O’Connor
  • Patricia O'McAlpin
  • Brendan Woods
  • Christopher Wood
  • Doug Wood
  • James Wright
  • J. Douglas Wright
  • Claire Zisserson
  • Mary Silvia
  • Scott D. Simard
  • Robert Smith
  • Suzanne Smith
  • Ainsley Grace
  • Garrett Sullivan
  • Matthew G . Sullivan IV
  • Shauna Marie Stella
  • Tony Stevenson
  • Leah Lorenzett
  • Sara Tucker
  • Daniel James
  • Jewell Tyrcha
  • Christopher P. Tyrell
  • Rhonda Vickery
  • Andrew Warhaftig
  • Geoffrey Wat
  • Leah Lorenzetti
  • Roy A. St. Pierre
  • Irving Tanner
  •  Marjorie Tanner
  • Patricia Tessier
  • Keith Thornley
  • Vinny Traficante
  • Maggie McKenna
  • Paul Weis
  • Marcie Winokur
  • Donald Wolff
  • Philip Albert Forsman
  • Patty Gage
  • Grace
  • Tom Garrigan
  • Richard Garsh
  • Michael Gastall
  • Ruth Gens & Cathrine Walsh
  • Paul Giaccaglia
  • Ed Gillespie
  • Michael J. Golden
  • Will GoldenJ
  • Jackson William Girouard
  • Kevin Graden
  • Nancy, Roger, Brian and Kevin Graden
  • Carol L. Graham
  • Brendan Grant
  • Ivan Greenfield
  • Bobbie Hanson
  • Susan Harlfinger
  • Michael Harrington
  • Douglas Harvey Sr.
  • Scott Healey
  • Derek Hines
  • Krystal HogaSteven Jackman
  • Bernard Jacobs
  • Fred Jenkins
  • Philip "PJ" Jones
  • Ginny Karbott
  • Robert T. Keane
  • Robert J. Keane
  • Michael Kearns
  • Matthew Kenney
  • Brendan Kane Keohan
  • Larry King
  • Aija Husin
  • Richard Oler
  • Jonathan Pettey
  • John Phillip
  • Jillian E. Phillip
  • Melanie Powell
  • Rebecca Pintabone
  • Jimmy Tribble
  • Matthew G . Sullivan IV
  • Shauna Marie Stella
  • Tony Stevenson