Hope Floats Author Day!

June 6, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center
4 Elm Street
MA 02364
Denise Brack

Please join us for our Hope Floats Author Day
Sunday, June 6th at 1pm

We are so proud to say we have five authors among our Hope Floats community! On Sunday, June 6th, each author will give a short reading and talk about their book. Copies will be available for purchase and our authors will be happy to autograph them for you!

Seats are limited and registration is required for this event.
We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins.

This event will be in person and we are following the
Massachusetts COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor events.


Tuck Meets a Dragonfly
Maureen Walsh
(pen name, Frances Charles)

This delightfully illustrated and heartwarming book tells the story of a young turtle named Tuck who is struggling after the death of his Mom. Tuck’s best friend, Padraic, embarks on a quest to find the answer to Tuck’s questions, “Is there a Turtle Heaven?” And “Is my Mom there?” Padraic seeks the help of Old Naughton, a turtle elder, who in turn asks the help of the dragonflies, Queen Emily and Katarina. Together the group brings the answers Tuck needs to begin his healing.
Written by a grief therapist and educator, this uplifting story highlights ways to help grieving children. Suggestions are offered on using the story to broach the topics of grief and loss, “what happens next,” and how love and friendship can heal the pain of grief.

I’m An Earth Angel
Erin Hourahan

Join the kids at the Healing Grace School as they come together to learn, grow and have fun with the help of their loved ones who have crossed over. Help your Earth Angel learn the power of healing after the loss of a loved one through this simple and imaginative story. I’m An Earth Angel helps children recognize that the strength of love never dies. Whether it is the loss of a person or pet, children can feel the comfort and strength in knowing that their loved one is always with them.

The Bounce Box
Alice Kearney

The Bounce Box is part of the Parent’s Tackle Box series aimed to provide tools, tricks, and strategies for calming your children. In the Bounce Box, you’ll find a step-by-step system that is designed to help your child learn to bounce back from stressful situations.
Developed by child therapist, Alice Kearney, the thought process behind the system is to Educate, Collaborate, Initiate and Change. She has over 25 years of experience as a licensed mental health counselor and registered art therapist. Upon receiving her Masters, Alice spent 10 years at SSMH, working in various mental health programs and assisting in their Quincy early intervention program. In 2001, she began working for Brockton Area Multi-services treating children, families, and adults. In 2007, Alice opened her own private practice. In 2013 she began leading Mike’s Club children’s groups at Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center. Today, Alice is thrilled to move her positive, creative and strength-based counseling services to Hope Floats and be apart of the Hope Floats’ team full time.

Surviving – Finding Your Way from Grief to Healing

GRIEF – Hope in the Aftermath
Gary Sturgis

After the death of his spouse, Gary Sturgis thought there was no possibility of ever feeling joyful or happy again. His life had changed, and he was in a very dark place. But over time he progressed through his grief journey and eventually began to experience light and happy moments. He was healing, and today he is a survivor. You can be a survivor also. Gary throws you a “life preserver” if you are drowning in your grief. He knows first-hand the intense feelings of pain and sadness after the death of a loved one. Throughout his book, Gary uses his own path to healing as a reference together with lessons learned as a health care professional and volunteer grief counselor helping others. He shares personal stories and special memories to explain the tools he used to mend and move forward. He offers you helpful advice and reassuring guidance so you can progress through your grief journey too.
Gary survived the greatest loss of his life and now works as a Bereavement Facilitator guiding and supporting others in their struggle with grief. Facilitating both support groups and workshops, he finds it a gift to be able to help others navigate their way through the maze of grief in a very personal and meaningful way.

Meet You In The Stars
Donald A. Quindley

During cool summer nights, whether camping, while listening to waves on a beach, or driving together at night, a Dad and his son often gaze at the stars together, promising to meet there if one of them is ever away. As young Jack picks out constellations and animals, his Dad marvels at both his son’s promise and their shared moments. Vividly illustrated, this story offers hope and comfort in their connections and through a Dad’s enduring love.