“I lost my son, my only child, about 2 years ago to a drug over-dose. He we my best friend; he was my life! My heart broke. I was alone now. Every day I was thinking, “I have to find him”, but, instead, I found Hope Floats.

When it was time for the first meeting, I could not get out of the car. I guess I was frightened about telling my story and sharing my feelings with strangers. I thought to myself “nothing is worse than what I have just been through”, so I went in. I found that telling my story over and over again, no matter how painful, was healing for me, and also knowing that I was not walking alone on this journey.

When I came in the door I was greeted by Denise. I liked her right away. She is a very caring person and she made me feel comfortable. She too has lost a son so she understands and has an idea of your pain and what you’re going through. Her mission in life is to help others to heal on their journey. Hope Floats is a safe environment where you can talk and share your feelings without people judging or criticizing you. They will listen to you, cry and laugh with you. They will offer comfort and support. Hope Floats will give you hope. I have seen people go from non-believers to believers, from tears to laughter and perhaps a new way of thinking. When they left the group, they had found some inner peace.

I feel I have a special bond with everyone, as if our souls and hearts are forever connected to each other on this journey.

I want to thank Debbie, Sandy, everyone in the group and the wellness clinic for walking this journey with me. A special thanks to Denise for making this possible by reaching out to give us a place where we can find hope!” May God bless each and every one of you

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful experience I had at the Cancer Retreat your facility held last Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Since my diagnosis, I have never felt more empowered and pampered at the same time! Speaking with other cancer patients gave me an insight to what other people have been dealing with and really put my issues into perspective. Since that day, I have walked lighter and felt happier than I have in a long time. Thank you for that!

My hope is that you will have more retreats so that your kindness and hard work can positively affect other cancer patients as well as it has me. Thank you!”

~Lisa Proctor


“Hope Floats has been a haven for me as I grieve and navigate through life after the tragic loss of my beloved daughter, Nicole. To lose your child of any age is beyond heartbreaking.I am so grateful for the warmth,understanding, encouragement and support received from Denise and the other bereaved parents in my group. We share our precious children,who have left us too soon,our sorrows,concerns,everyone “gets it” and we also share some laughs too.Hope Floats has truly been a blessing in my life, I am forever grateful. Thank you Denise,Hope Floats touches and helps heal many broken hearts and is a loving tribute to your son, Michael. :)”

“I had contacted you in an effort to find a way to help a dear friend work through the overwhelming loss of her eighteen year old daughter! Though I know the healing process may be a life long one, I felt I needed to try and help her in some way. When she continued telling me she just needed to be alone, I thought a retreat would be the ideal place for her to have the opportunity to be alone with her memories, emotions and thoughts. I was given your information from another retreat source in the area and God bless him for that!

First, I wanted to thank you personally for just being your wonderful self. Who you are and your dedication and passion to helping those grieving, show’s through in everything you do. You facility is amazingly tranquil, beautiful, and just a place where peace resides. The services you offer there compliment the need for one to remember to nurture their soul. The practitioners are wonderful and professional. I would have to say that everything about “Hope Floats” inspires hope. We had the whole house to ourselves, and it allowed us the privacy to talk, laugh, cry or just read or journalize on the porch while the birds sang. A gentle reminder that life does exist even when our pain is so great we don’t want to see it. After our stay, we both truly felt rejuvenated and peaceful and as a matter of fact we decided we would do this every year for ourselves! I would recommend your facility to anyone in a similar situation, or just anyone that needs a spiritual place to gather themselves for a little while. Thank you so much for everything.”

God Bless ~ Lucia

“Hope Floats is a safe harbor for finding the deep river within”

~Ann McCormick

“I love coming to Hope Floats and have been telling everyone about this magical place. I look forward to many more interesting and inspiring events.”
~Suellyn Facchini

“Hope Floats has brought me comfort, understanding and new friends.”
~ Michelle Hill

“Little did I know that when my sisters and I, broken with grief, crawled through the front doors of Hope Floats we would be placed in the warm hands of angels who continue to guide us to this day.”
~Anne Welch

“Hope Floats is a place where you can be yourself, make new friends and be comforted during good times and bad. The many groups and workshops that are offered here will inspire and guide you through your life changes.”
~Donna Holmes

“I am very grateful to have my Hope Floats family. When I walk into the home after a week filled with unbearable grief I instantly feel at home. When you look at the group you can see the familiar pain in the eyes of the group members and they all put the pain they feel aside to help me deal with my pain It is a place where there is no wrong way to feel or a deadline for you to feel better. It has made a huge difference in my life and I can not imagine not having the support, compassion and love that I get from the women in the group. A very healing place.”
~Jeannie Welch

“I live less than two miles from Hope Floats Wellness Center and yet when I am there I feel as if I’m hundreds of miles away on a very relaxing vacation. I am hooked on the all day Rose & Friends Women’s Retreats…a day of pampering,meditation total relaxation, great food and meeting some of the most amazing women I have ever met! The weekly yoga classes I attend are fantastic. Paula is an amazing teacher who modifies her classes to each persons individual needs. A great way to end the day! Also…I am a table tipping junkie!!! A physical form of mediumship, it has to be experienced, trying to describe it does not do justice. If you want to connect with a loved one passed on, you definitely should attend one of these events. It is an experience you won’t soon forget! Teresa Lally, coordinator, is fabulous and makes everyone feel right at home. Lastly, I am so grateful to have met Denise Brack, owner, director and my yoga buddy. She is so welcoming and compassionate. And I so admire what she does for all who attend Hope Floats Wellness Center. Come see for yourself!!”
~Claire Corbo

“After years in search of truth and light I have found it. After many years of emotional turmoil and self-hatred, I have discovered what it means to really LIVE LIFE. Hope Floats along with some of the practitioners, has helped me to the long-awaited spiritual guidance I was in need of to overcome my troubles. After numerous unintentional discoveries from nutritional sessions there, to walking the sacred grounds outside with an open heart, I have gained knowledge and faith beyond belief. I cannot put into words how special this place is and the people who are connected to it are, and it’s very magical essence. It is an individual experience for everyone who is willing to take away something from Hope Floats, but it offers a great deal to all, no matter what beliefs you may come with.

For me, I have been able to make sense of things from my past. I have uncovered the meaning to mysteries within myself, and most importantly, I have been able to turn to the spiritual gifts Hope Floats has shown me to help me become more of the person I want to be. The beauty of Hope Floats goes beyond the “naked eye”. It is not only that the flowers are still in bloom long after they should be, or the sun may be shining there when the gray clouds followed you all the way from your house, the real magnificence of this place is that you don’t have to be a religous person to gain something. You don’t even have to have a sure belief in anything. If you go with an openness, and the desire to enjoy your experience there, whatever that entails, you will leave having learned.

Hope Floats offers a multitude of yoga, retreats, reiki, counseling, and various forms of holistic healing. I have yet to go to all the events that appeal to me, but the few things I have gone to, as well as the people I have met are amazing. There is really something for everyone!

Besides the various sessions/retreats/therapies listed on the website, I love that you can go to Hope Floats and use the outside resources any day, any time. I have gone weekdays, weekends, early morning, day, middle of the night. Each visit is different from the last. There is a wonderful labyrinth outside, and that alone has given me a lot of internal strength. I have been able to maintain a higher level and length of time with focus and concentration while walking the labyrinth path. I have also had moments of great emotion, especially when reaching the center, and I loved the fact that it was so personal, yet so many different kinds of people had walked it.

Behind the labyrinth is a path. It feels as if you are walking through an enchanted forest. At the end, you reach a stream. The stream’s peace and tranquilty is outstanding. It can be mesmerizing, and is a great place to sit and “meditate”.
I truly recommend Hope Floats to anyone looking for something healing. I’m sure you will find things that I have yet to discover. There is nothing out there quite like Hope Floats. To fully understand all of it’s unique wonders, you have to experience it for yourself!!!”