Astrology Readings with Regina

Laura Christena ~ Spirit Messenger

Spirit has always played a leading role in Laura Christena’s life. As a little girl Laura would say things to her family that would make them think twice- little did they know at the time Laura was beginning to give some of her first readings at the early age of 5. After an unexpected personal loss in Laura’s life she found that messages from Spirit were much more persistent.  She knew then it was time to listen to her soul’s calling by sharing her gifts with those who have experienced loss and are in need of healing. Laura’s clients praise her for her spot-on accuracy within her evidential styled readings that bring forth clarity and comfort. She is celebrated for her empathy and light hearted humor that she naturally brings forward for she is able to provide proof that our loved ones and guides thrive off of our happiness and knowing that love never dies.  Having the honor and privilege of being mentored and trained by nationally renowned Medium Anastassia Grace, Laura’s hope is to leave people with the true understanding and genuine belief that we never leave our loved ones behind after our physical passing and that the soul’s of those who have passed before us never stop communicating and guiding us through our life’s journey. Laura currently resides in Massachusetts with her husband and golden retriever.


Teresa is a ‘retired’ acupuncturist who now continues to bring healing in other ways- through the monthly table tipping and other workshops held here at Hope Floats, crystal and card readings, and accompanying guided meditations with her relaxing and peaceful harp music. As well as holding a Master of Acupuncture degree, she is a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. She combines the healing energy of crystals into her reiki treatments.