Integrated Healing Session (IET) ~ Beth D. Breen-Santheson

As a healer, Beth assists others in working with and through their emotions and thoughts to reduce the stresses of everyday life and support the body’s natural ability to heal.

Beth has been working with Reiki since 1999. The practice of Reiki dates back to the early twentieth century. With a very gentle, hands on technique Reiki treats the body by boosting and balancing energy as it supports and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal.

Benefits include creating deep relaxation and aiding the body to release stress and tension; reducing blood pressure, supporting and strengthening the immune system, improving circulation, aiding in better sleep, helping with acute and chronic conditions, assisting the body to be more fully prepared for surgery with a shortened recovery, improving memory and enhancing creativity.

Beth began studying Integrated Energy Therapy in 2010. Every thought, every emotion, every event is stored in our cellular memory. These emotions create energy blockages. Through gentle therapeutic touch IET locates emotions stored in our tissues and cellular memory and with the assistance of the Angels of Healing painful emotions are released and are replaced with loving, peaceful ones.

The emotions that are released are limitation, guilt, distrust, shame, threat, should, heartache, betrayal, resentment, anger, stress, and fear. These emotions are replaced with innocence, trust, spiritual pride, support, faith, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, ease, empowerment, safety and protection.

Beth has been receiving messages from the angels and other guides her entire life. She works with the angels in her healing work as well as delivering messages through Angel Consultations. During an Angel Consultation, you have a conversation with your guardian angels, archangels, guides and other ascended beings to receive information for your highest and best. Please come with a list of questions you would like answered.

Contact Beth at 508-320-2259 or

Barbara Headshot - Sept 2014Barbara Barker

Barbara has worked with clients in the Holistic Healing field for more than 20 years.  As an Integrative Holistic Practitioner, she easily blends numerous healing modalities to best suite her client’s needs and healing requirements. She is also an Educator, Artist and Photographer who uses her creativity to help awaken and guide her clients toward their desired goals. Barbara’s mission is to assist women and men on their personal journeys to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives.  Transformation happens as a client claims their own True Self which is found in one’s “Deep Heart”.  Her extensive endorsements are testament to her skill and compassion. She is soft spoken and non-judgmental but with a keen sense of insight that is essential in facilitating positive change. She provides a relaxed, comforting environment for each session and one in which real progress can be made. Barbara’s energy evaluations (scans) can be done in person or at a distance and they form one aspect of her work to give her and the client a sense of what is really going on behind the presenting situation. Because she can work in person or from a distance, anyone can take advantage of her excellent skills. Her signature session is called an “Angel Tune-Up”.  This session may include an intuitive scan, hands-on energy work, essential oils specifically selected for a client’s needs, as well as crystal and sound healing.  Longer sessions may include massage, intuitive guidance and a healing plan.

Barbara is a graduate of Stillpoint  School of Integrative Life Healing, A Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Magnified Healing and Subtle Energy Practitioner.  She has her certification in Bio-Energetic Nutrition from Mark Mincolla and is certified to teach Integrated Energy Therapy. (IET).  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from UMass and is ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement. She is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and has done extensive study of the healing properties of essential oils. Barbara’s continual search for wisdom keeps her actively studying with numerous teachers such as Meredith Young Sowers, Zacciah Blackburn and Alberto Villadro. Barbara welcomes all to experience the healing touch of her work and step more completely into the life they always intended to have. Barbara Barker,  Heart Light Therapies, Kingston, MA. 781 585 6292