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Ardythe is a Certified Holistic Nurse and practitioner of Energy Therapies, has been a proponent of wellness and preventive medicine most of her professional career. Her background includes a unique blend of traditional and integrative medicine. Ardythe has come full circle from working with cardiac patients in the hospital setting to now working with individual clients in a more personal, individualized approach to the “whole” healing process. She is a graduate of the University of Rochester School of Nursing, a Certified Holistic Nurse through the American Holistic Nurses Association in conjunction with Seeds and Bridges, Inc., a Center for Holistic Nursing Education, and a practitioner of the healing arts. Knowing that true healing begins from within, Ardythe facilitates each individual’s unique process through providing heart-centered energy-based therapies, assisting each person in bringing their body, mind and spirit into balance and alignment with the true essence of their being. Ardythe has been studying and practicing the art of energy therapies for over 15 years. She is Certified in Advanced Energy Healing through the Inner Focus School of Advanced Energy Healing, is a Practitioner of Soul Focused Healing, recently completed Certification in Holistic Stress Management through The Paramount Wellness Institute, is currently completing the Healing Touch Practitioner certification process with Healing Touch International, Inc. In addition, Ardythe completed the ‘Well Workplace University’ workshop, sponsored by the Wellness Councils of America. As an advocate and representative from the health insurance company, she participated in health promotion programs and activities for employer groups, and was actively involved in a two year program culminating with her company receiving the Bronze Well Workplace award, designating her employer as one of ‘America’s Healthiest Companies’. An advocate for self-care, she now brings the ‘teachings’ to your front door. Energy therapies encompass the essential knowledge, skills, techniques and awareness to provide you with the personal tool kit to better manage your life, assisting you in bringing your total self- mind, body and spirit – into balance and alignment, enabling you to more easily achieve your personal goals. It is the journey itself that is the true reward- not necessarily the final destination. Set your sails – watch where the wind takes you – as you explore together the resources that will better enable you to attain your dreams and desires. For further information you may contact Ardythe at 774-238-1295 or aphillips727@comcast.net.


Pat Yetman, B.S., HTCP

Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, has been an ardent proponent of wellness and positive health practices for most of her career.  Long a believer in the mind, body connection, Pat first came to the wellness field as a health educator in the public school system, then moved on to community and public health, and finally has found her passion with Healing Touch and Energy Therapies.

Pat has studied Healing Touch since 1999 and has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2005.  She studied in Colorado with Janet Mentgen, the founder of Healing Touch, and Cynthia Hutcheson, Healing Touch Program director, as well as many other renowned teachers.  In addition to her private practice, Pat volunteered for three years with the LifeSpark Program in Colorado, providing Healing Touch to clients with life threatening illnesses, primarily cancer patients.  She is currently a volunteer providing end of life care with the Cranberry Hospice and Palliative Care Program and the Fragile Footprints Palliative Care Program, programs of Jordan Hospital in Plymouth, MA.

In addition to her studies in Healing Touch, Pat has studied Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA., Jin Shin Jyutsu, Energy Medicine, and QiGong.  An educator at heart and a fervent believer in self advocacy and self care, Pat now teaches self care techniques to all her clients and patients. Contact Pat at:  (774) 678-0150 Home   (508) 441-0635 Cell